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Closely monitor the temperature of each cow automatically on any dairy would be especially important in managing their health.  You or your vet can even do it remotely in a separate office over the Internet.

One dairyman with 300 cows who has used the temperature boluses for 2 years said that in the first year he paid for the system just on the basis of the reduction in death loss since he is now able to know much earlier when cows are sick.  He also is pleased that sick animals no longer slip through the cracks and fail to receive the treatments they need to receive in a timely manner.

 Boluses can be read at a distance of 300  feet and this is done every hour for the next six years.  This coupled with our TempTrack™ Software enables several levels of refinement providing more insight into the physiological well-being of each animal than is apparent to even the most observant herdsman.  The boluses automate the time-consuming search, measurement and recording of temperature while the
LightningROD handheld reader rapidly locates individual animals that show up on the daily "Alert List" for further examination in headlocks or at a management rail.  As is mentioned, the temperature has been effective in pin-pointing ovulation in university research evaluations, results from studies in commercial herds to facilitate pin-point breeding based on ovulation temperature spikes.