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What generates the terrific $ returns from installing and operating this technology?

Speed of electronic identification reduces man-hours.

of data collected facilitates precise management decisions.

Automates Records
enabling more extensive use of technology.

Records Transfer
can be at the click of a key to move commerce.

with USDA, FSMA, FDA, FSIS, COOL without extra time.

Branded Marketing
individualizes and promotes quality.

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LightningRod RFID Reader
I.D.ology is a RFID and Data Collection company incorporating Livestock ID Tags with various systems to enhance management operations and records.  It also utilizes both HF and UHF asset tracking RFID Readers & Systems plus 1D and 2D barcodes for item level traceability.

EID Ear Tags
E-LIT Leg Band
The Only RFID Reader
Manufactured in the USA

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